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Overcoming exam fear

Exam fear is caused by one of following reasons: Pressure from parents to score high Fear of failing or scoring less in comparison to friends Not being well-prepared It is crucial for a student or his/her parents to identify the reason and help overcome exam fear. It has many adverse effects on the student’s performance, such as: Scoring less marks than could’ve been scored Forgetfulness during exam Feeling of failure Follow these steps to overcome exam fear and improve performance in exams

6 Way to Prepare for Your Next Exam

Acing (or even just passing!) your exams, requires planning ahead with a clear focus more on the preparation stage than just studying the night before the big day. There are some proven methods used by successful students to ensure that you are well-prepared, focused and can deliver the best of your knowledge without stressing yourself out. The below guide will give you the three most successful exam preparation methods.