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6 Tips on Managing Admission Deadlines

While it’s exciting to begin a new chapter in your life, applying for college can quickly become overwhelming. Deadlines typically fall within the same week and there are different fees and requirements for each university. The best thing you can do when it’s time to apply for college is get organized. Sit down with your parents and plan out how you will work together to make the application process run smoothly.

College Admission Essays – What Are They Looking For?

The college admission essay proves to be the trickiest aspect of the college admission process. It is the only section where you can truly unleash your creative instincts. However, it is also the part that can get you into the college of your choice or leave you baffled about your rejection. It is therefore an extremely important part of the application process that defines your destiny. So how should you go about penning your essay?

Extracurricular Activities That Impress Colleges

The competition for admittance to many colleges and universities is intense. There are simply more applicants than the spaces available in post-secondary degree programs. Admissions officials consider numerous issues in deciding which students to select. Grade-point average, SAT and ACT scores, essays, and other factors are important. Some students overlook the value of including extracurricular activities on their applications.