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College can be a great experience for any student, but some people find it even more rewarding if they study abroad. Taking this step offers many advantages and can increase your ability to find a job. This is even more important in today’s global economy. This does not mean, however, that studying abroad is right for every student. You need to examine your own situation careful before deciding.

Top 10 Universities in the United States

Searching for some of the best educational destinations in the United States to pursue your academic career? You’ve come to the right spot. There are a total of more than 4,000 universities and educational institutions in the United States that offer specializations in different walks of life. There are over seventeen million students enrolled in different universities across the country of which roughly 1 million are international students contributing about $24 million towards the US GDP. The number of international students in the US is consistently rising as it develops into a major student destination.

Top Study Abroad Programs

Studying abroad has become a norm for students hoping to travel the world, broaden their career goals, understand different cultures, develop their interpersonal skills, and gain newer skill sets for a successful career path ahead. Globalize yourself by studying in a foreign setting. Expand your horizons and explore different cultures, worldviews, and communities by immersing yourself in a study abroad program.

Challenges Faced by International Students in the US

Foreign students in the US face a host of issues that they need to deal with effectively to ensure their period of stay in the nation is happy and fruitful. Some of the common problems include the cold weather in winter (depending on the location) as well as coping with the demanding course work. In this article, we list the common challenges faced by international students in the US and advice on how to handle them effectively.

Top 10 Universities in Australia

Searching for some of the best educational abodes in the Australia to pursue your academic career? You’ve come to the right spot. There are over 40 state-accredited universities operating in Australia offering specializations across a wide range of subjects. There are over one million students enrolled in different universities across the country. On the same note, international students constitute a vast majority. According to an estimate, there are about 400,000 international students in Australia with the numbers expected to rise consistently over the forthcoming years.

Cyber Jungle - A Guide to Staying Safe

Today, it’s almost impossible to escape social media. It’s everywhere. Companies use it, teachers use it, and your future boss is likely using it too. Before you dive head first into tweeting, posting and recording every moment of your college years, stop and think about what can be seen and by the public, how it will affect your future and how to take advantage of this tool.