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Finding the Right Internship

Finding the Right Internship
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Internships are an active part of college life, which let you gain valuable work experience, enhance your skills and build your CV. When you are actively looking for an internship, you might become exhausted by your search. Due to a number of options available; the following tips might guide you in finding the right internship match.


Talk to your seniors at college and to people who have interned recently or fellows who will apply for internships alongside you. Interact with them to find out how they plan to apply, how they have applied before and how their internship experience was. This will give you an idea about the application process and about resources which you can avail from. Join the specific groups online or use university sources to stay updated on any news.

Apply Everywhere

The one thing to remember when applying is to apply everywhere. Don’t apply to a selected number of places or keep your choices limited. Remember you may hope to get an internship at some place specific but there is no harm in applying. It will make your understanding better. If you get an interview call, the more interviews that you give will make you better each time you go in for a new one. You will be more prepared and know the possible questions which could be asked.

Start Applying Early

One mistake that many students make is that they start applying late. Start applying when your final year starts and don’t delay it. Understand that these processes take time and it may be a while before you land yourself an internship. Many good places start and end their internship recruitment process earlier than the lot. Keep a lookout and be active.
Meet Your Counselor

As soon as final year starts, make it a point to meet your counselor. They will provide guidance and resources on what possibilities lay out there and how best you can approach them. Every university has a career centre and they help you apply to possible places.

Use Other Resources

When you are applying for internships the first source is to meet your university’s placement centre. Next, browse the internet and relevant groups as there is a lot of opportunities there to get your hands on. Company websites always have a tab for their internship process and they post it what they’re internship hiring period is. Keep a lookout! Use the newspaper to identify ads and possible places where you can apply. You may also come across companies relevant to your interest and you may look them up online.

Build Your Professional Network

Take part in events or talk to professionals relating to your area of study. There are many sources online which help you in interacting with industry leaders. Make a profile on LinkedIn and be active. Reach out to people professionally. This will also help you polish your communication skills and build a professional network. You never know an opportunity lies there which you miss out if you don’t become engrossed and updated with the professional environment.

Your internship experience is a first step towards stepping into the professional world. It will give you exposure and an understanding of how things work professionally. The best you will get out of it is when your internship is aligned with your goals. Don’t be afraid to start at a small place as these places, although small with a few people provide the best learning experience. They made be understaffed, just a bit, but that means you will get to be a part of their work activities. Helping out in real and understanding your abilities and interest in performing that work.

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