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Top careers for 2014

With 2013 ending right around the corner, there are many predictions for careers which see a growing trend. The changing industry trends have led experts to predict the following top careers for 2014, which will see a growing trend and provide stable income:

Public Relations Specialist

Public relations officers are seen to be in high demand, in the next year and carrying forward. This is so, because of changing marketing trends. With the social buzz, companies are in an ever increasing need to hire PR Specialist to maintain their public image.

Projected growth rate: 23%

Database Administrator

Companies are forever in the process to collect data, regarding consumer buying habits, product trends etc. The large of amount that it collects which basically drives their companies forwards will be the focus for the coming years. Companies need computer specialists who are skilled at managing, organizing and securing the data. This also calls for analyzing and extracting relevant content from the data. Database Administrators are believed to be in high demand in 2014

Projected growth rate: 31%

Petroleum Engineer

The focus of the world doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere from oil and gas in 2014 or coming years. To utilize and dig other cleaner sources of use doesn’t seem to be near. So, petroleum engineers will be in high demand for quite some time. With the increase in population and depleting sources of fossil fuel; petroleum engineers will be needed by companies to locate and extract diminishing sources.

Projected growth rate: 17%

Software Developer

Computer software’s and technology is changing the world. How we live and operate our lives is being shaped everyday with new technologies. The advancement in cell phones to smart phones and the various applications being made every day is making this profession one of the hottest to set foot in. software developers analyze the need and then design, test and develop programs and computer applications.

Projected growth rate: 30%

Medical and Health Services Manager

The health care industry is flourishing and it requires people for its management. The need for hospitals to hire health care managers is increasing with the increasing work load of patients, accidents and breakthroughs in medicine sciences.  Health care administrators work to improve the quality of health services and may also specialize in a certain area.

Projected growth rate: 22%

Personal Financial Advisor

A big part of the day, week or life of many people is spent managing their money. So for the big financial decisions of, kid’s college education, insurance needs, retirement, the majority turns to financial advisors. The managing of their finances is going to increasingly drive the need for able financial advisors high. The advisors are required to explain all the options for saving and investing and managing their clients portfolio; helping them plan for retirement or students education funds.

Projected growth rate: 32%

Counselors for Substance Abuse

It is a growing as well as rewarding profession. It requires patience and some amount of empathy to treat patients with alcohol, drug problems or eating disorders. But, knowing you will make a difference to someone’s life is an uplifting feeling.


The outlook for salaries of vets looks promising, going up to $100,000. The education requirement is quite strenuous requiring passing a state exam. The business that vets get is ever increasing with people willing to go the vet for diseases faced by their pets.

Projected growth rate: 25%

Theater and Performance Arts makeup Artists

This field is much underrated and undervalued by many people but it’s going to be a fast growing career in 2014. It is solely for people looking for creativity in their chosen field of work and requires nothing more than some natural talent and makeup courses.

Projected growth rate: 39%