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Connecting on Campus: How to get Involved

College is one of the best places to make lifelong connections. Walking through campus the first few weeks can be a little overwhelming; but there are plenty of ways to get involved in your college community, all of which will make your big new world seem a little smaller and a lot more connected.

Join a Club

Sororities and fraternities aren’t the only groups making things happen on campus. Most universities have clubs for specific majors, which are a great way to network. If you need a little break from educational events, look for a club that fits your hobbies. Art or dance clubs, student health associations, and film clubs, are just a few things you might find.

Many universities have activity fairs the first few weeks of school. Check your university event calendar and try to attend if this is available to you. You’ll have the opportunity to see what clubs exist and you can usually speak to current members about what the club does.


See if there is a Circle K organization, or something similar, on your campus. Volunteer organizations are another way to meet people with a common interest. Local volunteer opportunities will help you become more familiar with the area your university is located in. Sometimes these organizations take weekend trips or travel for spring break volunteer projects as well.

Get a Job

Working on campus allows you to learn your way around and really feel like a part of something. You’ll build relationships with university staff members, which can be very beneficial in the future. Those relationships can also be helpful if you’re far away from home without any adult figures or role models in your life.

Depending on where you work, you may have the opportunity to regularly interact with other students. A bookstore or café employee will have the chance to meet and assist several students. You will also have the opportunity to build relationships with your co-workers.


Join a team, remain active and participate in a sport you enjoy. You’ll have a chance to bond with teammates and you’ll probably interact with other teams regularly as well.

Study Groups

Have you ever heard the saying, “Kill two birds with one stone”? Study groups are the perfect way to connect with others and still get some studying done. If there isn’t already a study group for a class you’re in, consider asking a few people if they’d like to start one. If you’re in a class that is required for your major, you’re likely to be in classes with many of the same people for the next four years.

Pave the Way

If you can’t find anything on campus that suits you, consider starting your own club. There will likely be some forms to fill out, but if you have a few friends that share a common interest, take the leap and begin spreading the word.

Getting involved in a current organization or starting your own will help build a network of friends, which is beneficial to your overall health as a college student. Connect with those who share your interests and make the most of your time together.