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Choosing the right career path

Are you fresh out of high school and filling college applications?

Confused about choosing your majors?

Well, you are not the only one. It is a daunting task for many. But, you need to understand what will work best for you.

Understand Your Interests

Your first step in contemplating your career choice is to evaluate your interests and aspirations. It is easy to settle in a career that comes along your way only to realize that it isn’t what you want. If you thoroughly understand your interests, you can choose a path which best aligns with what you like to do. For example: if you are artistic and good at drawing or painting, you can choose a career as an architect, artist, or designer.

Identifying Social Needs

You need to know if you are a peoples person or too shy to work as part of a team. These behaviors can also influence the choice of your career. If you like to deliver value from behind the scenes, a career in actuary or accounting may be suitable (if you are good with numeric also). If you are energetic and moved by others needs, social work or marketing may be your field.


When you understand your interests and evaluate what you would like to do, start gathering information about it. Visit the university or college and talk to professors and counselors. Attend career expos, and if those aren’t available then use the internet to learn about different careers and what they entail.

Understand the subjects that each career path has to offer and how they would relate to your interests; whether you would like to study those subjects. Once you think you have made a list of possible careers you can opt, talk to professionals in those fields. Firsthand knowledge of others experience in the particular field will give you a better understanding of the practical side of it.

Speaking to Career Counselors

Talk to your career counselor. Talking to someone before making your decision can help you clarify any queries and concerns. The counselor can also tell you about more careers and the college options for their availability and criteria.

Taking a Test

There are many tests which help in identifying possible careers based on your interests and personality. One popular test is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Seek help when undertaking a test to understand and interpret the results and be cautious as many tests are also paid.

Long-Term Goals

Choosing a career is like choosing the route you would like to take into your future, where you would build a life for yourself. So, it is extremely important to be rational and open-minded about the decision to take. Have a vision and know your end point where you want to be. The position you would like to have or the income you want to earn. Tracing those steps backwards will help you clarify your starting point of choosing a career.

Intern or Volunteer

Utilize your summers in acquiring an internship or volunteer work. The practical exposure will help you clear any doubts and also pave way for a future job. It will also help to further develop your skills and introduce you to work ethics and environment.

In the end, never be afraid to step up and seek the right information to make the best career choice for you. Make phone calls and get in touch with people who can guide you and provide useful information. Don’t shy away from talking to your counselor and do not make assumptions about any particular field. Be open in your assessment approach and along the process develop an understanding about yourself also.

What to Consider When Picking a Roommate

If you have the option to pick your roommate in college, you may want to think twice before bunking with your best friend. Take time to think through your decision and don’t feel pressured into anything. Remember, you will be living with this person for at least one semester, if not more.


Rooming with your best friend seems like common sense, right? You may find that living with a best friend is just too much. You may not want to be around them all the time or they may have little habits that get on your nerves. Consider these things before you jump into living together. You don’t want to ruin a solid friendship. It will benefit you to begin making new friends in college as well, so don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.


Are you clean or messy? Loud or quiet? A night owl or an early bird? Try to find someone who is on the same pages as you to make sharing your space more enjoyable. If you are always picking up after someone, or your home is never quiet, it could negatively impact your grades and your future.

College Goals

Before selecting a roommate, be sure that you share some common goals. If they are only in college to party, and you have set high academic standards for yourself, living together will probably not work well. Try to find someone who can successfully balance school and a healthy social life.

Common Interests

Do you enjoy working out, volunteering, spending time outdoors? If your roommate enjoys these things, you will have someone to share your interests with. This may help make your adjustment to college life a little easier. You can find activities to do together and may develop similar social circles.


If you plan to live off campus or anywhere that your rent is not paid up front for the semester, be sure that your roommate has a stable income or money from other sources, such as grants and loans, to pay their rent. Before you move in, discuss how you would divide paying for items that you may both use, e.g. electric and cable. If you’re not comfortable with their financial situation, do not move in with them.


If you are sharing a living space with someone, you need to be able to trust them. You should discuss rules regarding visitors and potential quiet hours if needed. You should also discuss personal space. If you do not want your roommate in your room, discuss that beforehand and be sure they understand. Ask them about visitors. For example, if they are in a relationship, will their significant other be around all the time?

Conflict Resolution

No matter who you decide to live with, there’s always a chance that you will disagree on something. Try to determine if your potential roommate is the kind to handle conflicts politely with words, instead of screaming or giving you the silent treatment. You should be living with someone who can function as an adult and work through any issues in the same manner.

Using the above tips will help you determine what is most important to you when deciding who to live with. If you learn that your roommate isn’t the best fit, use what you’ve learned to make a better decision the next chance you have. Your home environment plays an important role in your overall college experience.

Looking for a Job? Prepare for a Psychometric Test

Employers are looking for candidates that prove to be the ideal fit for a position. They want a candidate with the right set of skills, personality, cultural perspective and intelligence. One of the ways employers test prospective candidates today is through psychometric tests. This testing method provides employers with your personality characteristics, aptitude or intelligence level as well as your behavioral profile. The test usually consists of various aptitude tests and personality tests. It indicates the way you resolve problems, whether you work well individually or in a team and other relevant details. If you are appearing for an interview that will include a psychometric test, there are various ways in which you can prepare for it:

Gain a better understanding of the test

Perhaps the best way to prepare for a psychometric test is by getting familiar with the format of the test and the typical questions that are asked in the test. Psychometric tests are timed and may include numerical or verbal aptitude tests with multiple choice questions. Depending on the nature of the job, the questions may be for topics like human resources, economics, marketing or science. Certain tests also include an abstract test where shapes are used as test questions. Such tests usually do not require candidates to have detailed knowledge of the area. However, spending some time getting familiar with the nature of the test will provide you the edge and confidence you need.

Talk to the recruiter

Before the test, talk to the recruiter to understand what type of questions the psychometric test will include. Some employers allow the use of tools like calculators for the test so you may want to ask if you can use one. Practice using these tools, if allowed, in advance so you will be able to use them with ease and speed during the test.

Practice online

Before the test, practice as much as possible to improve your test results. Test questions are easily available online today. Practicing will help you train your mind for the questions you can expect. Most employers administer psychometric tests online so it is important to use the same medium for practice.

Be honest

Psychometric tests will also include personality tests. Always provide honest answers to the questions instead of trying hard to portray yourself as what you consider to be a good employee. These tests are designed to measure the consistency of your answer so fake answers may be easy for the employers to spot. There are no wrong answers in a personality test so just be yourself and allow your real strengths to shine.

Avoid stress

Stressing out before the test will only affect the results of your scores. Get a good night’s sleep, be positive and confident and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Psychometric test is usually only one part of the entire assessment process so even if you don’t perform well in the test, you may still be able to get the job based on your other strengths.