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6 Best free apps for college students

Whether you’re new in college or returning for masters, a smartphone or an iPad can definitely help you be more organized, manage time efficiently and study smarter. With so many excellent free apps available at your fingertips, you will have all the help you need to be more productive and successful. Given below are some of the best apps available free of cost:


With Dropbox you will be able to store all your documents, assignments, term papers, and syllabus and lecture notes safely. With 2GB free storage available, you will have plenty of space to store everything you need. All your documents will be accessible from the computer, iPad or your smartphone so you’ll have a central place for storing all your documents and media.


Boundless is an iOS app that will allow you to study from textbooks on the go. By downloading this app you will be able to save on expensive textbooks. There are several Boundless alternatives available for almost every course and every textbook so you can study better using your iPad or iPhone while saving money.

iTunes U

Quite a lot of universities today support iTunes U so you will be able to find all your class materials and lectures available online. You can download all material directly to your iPad or iPhone. Even if your university doesn’t yet support iTunes U, it is still an excellent study tool that has a lot of lecture materials and videos on almost every study topic. With the option of automatic downloads, all your materials and lessons will be automatically downloaded to your device.


This app is definitely one of the best apps currently available for note taking. With iCloud sync, separate notebooks, tag support and several other advanced features, you will be able to do much more with this free app in the classroom. You will be able to take photos of the syllabus or the blackboard and tag it for courses. Your notes can also be synced quickly so they can be accessed on your computer directly. Evernote makes it easy to take notes in the classroom and even easier to find them later.


With inClass, you will be able to share notes, organize your study schedule and take notes in the classroom. You will be able to organize your daily calendar, courses and terms as well as all the notes you take in the classroom so they will be easier to find later. The notes will be organized within the daily schedule and the course you assign to it. The note taking feature in the app will allow you to record audio, share files take pictures and insert pictures to make them more interactive and visually appealing.

PDF Notes

With PDF Notes you will be able to easily manage all your PDF files. The app offers fast display, finger writing, email and fast page turning. The app not only allows you to quickly annotate but also write notes. PDF files can be easily imported from email or DropBox. Students can also create and categorize multiple bookshelves so files can be found easily whenever needed through a powerful search feature.