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Preparing For University Applications

When applying for graduate study, university applications are the first step towards achieving your dream in your desired college/university. Below are some general guidelines to help you prepare for your university application:

Don’t Slack

Senior high school is ending and there’s a lot of excitement to having completed your basic education and leaving school. Do not get carried away in this excitement and forget about filling out applications. Be sure that you keep track of deadlines in various colleges you plan to apply. Stay organized and thoroughly go through the requirements.
Every college application that you will fill will require you to write a personal statement. These may be specific questions and you have to take this as an opportunity to sell yourself and get ahead of the pack through showcasing your accomplishments and goals.

Be Specific and Unique

Keep your answers specific and try to respond to what is being asked. Many applications will have similar answers but you need to try to respond to them accordingly. Don’t attempt to write the same response in every application. Relate what makes you stand apart from the crowd and portray your uniqueness. All applications mostly have a minimum of 250 word requirement and there is no maximum words specified, don’t beat around the bush and say state your point directly.

Relate Personal Experience

Relate your qualities by backing them with concrete evidence; this will carry more weight in the eyes of examiners. When you write about why you want to become a lawyer or doctor for instance, don’t just write that but relate some experience which motivated you to opt for this field.

Be Clear In Your Statement

Open your statement with a clear idea as it will indicate the direction your statement will take.  This is also where you will capture the reader’s attention. Express yourself clearly and concisely. Examiners do not prefer haphazardly written statements which don’t make any sense. Gather your thoughts, form an outline and then start to write about it. Remember, they have dozen applications to scan so the time available to grab attention is a few seconds and only a few minutes will be spent on your application.

Conduct Research

If necessary, carry out research for your essay questions. It’s okay to read a bit and then form your opinion to set yourself to write your statement. If possible, you can back yourself up with any evidence which is relevant. For example if there is a question about why you chose a particular college for you field of study, gather positive points about it in contrast to other colleges and then go through with writing it. It will only portray your determination and enthusiasm of filling out your application. The effort you put into writing will show in your words.


Always proof-read what you have written as grammar and spelling mistakes play a significant role in evaluating your statement. They make a bad impression on your part no matter how well-written your statement is. If possible, try to get a second opinion from family or friends.

Be Thorough In Your Approach

It is high time that you organize yourself now if you tend to procrastinate. Universities require effort and a lot of self-study. Before applying, consult your counselor as they can be your best guide in helping you fill out your application. Do not hesitate to clear any doubts that you may have. Believe in yourself. If asked, provide relevant and useful references which will make your case strong. Remember, any efforts that you will make towards filling your application will make you stand apart. It will also serve as a learning process and help you understand yourself better as you will think about your interests and choices to make in order to choose a field of study.