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Top Universities in France

France is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations and over the years has come to occupy a distinct place in the global imagination. This should come as no surprise given its rich culture, urbane sophistication, the rich history, and culture of its cities, and the spectacular scenery of mighty rivers, azure seas touching upon golden sandy beaches, and rugged mountains encircling vast rolling pastures, and verdant forests. Amidst all this serenity is the long and fiery legacy of French thought and academia that hungers for innovation with a revolutionary zeal. Consequently, it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations by far.

Why study in France?

The intelligentsia and academia occupies a central place in the history of modernism and its evolution. It has a proud intellectual and artistic heritage and rightly so given that it is the nation that produced towering figures in the history of ideas. Names such as Rene’ Descartes, Michel Foucault, and Jacque Derrida; authors such Albert Camus, Marcel Proust; artists such as Paul Cézanne and Claude Monet; and filmmakers like Jean Renoir and Jean-Luc Godard. Add to the whole lists of 49 Nobel laureates and a host of scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and researchers who have made spectacular achievements make France a haven for intellectual ventures in any field of study.

Universities in France

Though academic and intellectual tradition in France has permeated the lifestyle of its people, it’s academic and artistic tradition has been encased within the confines of various top-ranking universities, making the already rich intellectual lifestyle even more thrilling for students. Add to this the good news that most of the universities are heavily backed by government and private scholarships. This is apart from the fact that France’s leading universities offer some of the cheapest tuition fees in the world. With annual fees averaging under USD $1,000 for both international and domestic students alike, it leaves students hoping for a thrilling learning experience without a second option.

The table below shows a list of the top universities in France, their costs, global ranking, and student population.

University Name City Cost of Programs Total Student Population Global Ranking
École Normale Supérieure Paris €750 a year for both local and international students >3,000 students and researchers combined 65
École Polytechnique Paris €245 tuition fees
€11,000 for a 2 -years master’s program. Fee can be waived via Research and educational work.
>2,700 undergrads and post-grads combined 70
Université Pierre et Marie Curie Paris Tuition fees for undergraduate programs €181 Masters €250, and PhD €380 ~30,000 96
Université Paris-Sud Orsay Admission Fees fixed to €183  for license degrees, €254  for masters and €388  for PhD. ~27,000 114
Université Joseph Fourier Grenoble An annual fee of €133 for Bachelors, €204 for Masters, and €556 for PhD >15,000 155
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon Lyon $1000 average (~€770) >2,400 156
Université Paris Diderot Paris A lot of offered courses have zero tuition fees. Average costs are on an average ~€750 ~26,000 178
Mines ParisTech Paris The cost of the whole program can range between €15,000 to €22,000, with 50% of the students covered by partners ~15,000 193



9 Top Universities in Germany

As one of the most popular non-Anglophonic study destinations, Germany has become the fourth most popular overall global choice of students for continuing education. This is in direct competition with US, UK and Australia — the three other countries that attracts more international students in the world.

Let’s have a brief look at what motivates so many to study to journey to Germany, as well as how you can choose and apply to a German university.

Germany — A Tale of Vivid Details
Germany is a country characterized by diversity, dexterity, and an unyielding resolve for progress. The country upholds multiple streams of modernity. This is vividly portrayed in the trendy and modern Berlin that is in complete contrast with the more traditional and conservative looking Munich. This is again brought to light when the gleaming skyscrapers of Frankfurt are compared with the more quaint Heidelberg, or the possibility of shifting scenes from the bustling and fast-paced city, like Hamburg, to the peaceful and picturesque retreat of the Middle Rhine region. Hence, your academic growth in such a vivid and compelling environment is a given.

Universities in Germany
Germany boasts some of the world’s best universities offering a diverse environment and a legacy of education that lays stress on critical thought, patience, and extensive research. As a result, in terms of higher education, Germany offers offer plenty of choice between some of the most prestigious academic institutions in Western Europe!

In addition to these world-class universities, the education system prides itself in offering relatively low tuition fees (with most universities pushing towards zero tuition fees). Add to this the high quality of life, extensive scholarship schemes and student support for international students, and decent prospects for employment for post-graduates, leaves little room for wonder why Germany has become a popular student destination.

The following table shows the list of the top universities in Germany, as well as the major details that hold importance for every student. Take a look!

University Name Located in Cost of Programs Total Student Population Global Ranking
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Munich No Tuition fees at LMU Munich, except two fees paid per semester: a basic fee of £45 and a student transit pass for £51 >44,000 55
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen Göttingen Semester fees totals  £289.94 >24,000 63
Universität Heidelberg Heidelberg £137.30 per semester. Special fees exists for continuing education and existing non-consecutive master’s degree programs. >31,000 68
Freie Universität Berlin Berlin €291.87 per semester, inclusive of enrollment, social contribution, transit pass, and student government financing >32,000 86
Technische Universität München Munich Bayerische Landtag eliminated tuition fees in April 2013. Students have to pay student union fees and semester ticket fees of €52 and €59 respectively >23,300 87
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Berlin No tuition costs. >35,000 94
RWTH Aachen University Aachen Term expenses include matriculation fee, Studentenwrk, Studierndenschaft, and Semester ticket totaling €300 >33,000 129
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg Freiburg There are no tuition fees. . You  have to pay administrative and student activity fees totaling €142 >24,000 152
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Karlsruhe Tuition fee: 500 Euros  per semester, apart from other student activity and administration fees. >18,000 154

Process for Rolling Admissions in Top Universities

Universities have their own processes for admissions. While most universities follow a stringent code and deadline for enrolling students, some allow the liberty of conducting rolling admissions. In the former case, the university follows a strict schedule with respect to the date till which the applications will be received, and when the decisions will be made.

However, in case of rolling admissions, you will typically be receiving the judgment within four to eight weeks of applying – whenever you apply. It is a good way to secure your place in your choice of university well before time. Alternatively, you can use it as a last resort in case you are unable to get into your preferred university. Here is what you need to do to utilize this opportunity to the fullest.

Prepare Well and Plan Ahead

In any case, your application stands a chance of being rejected if it is incomplete. This is one thing you need to be prepared for before you begin applying to universities.

Make sure all the required documents are in perfect order. You will need to keep your test scores (like the SAT, ACT, GMAT) handy. Send in a professionally completed application form with your credentials filled in honestly and precisely. Keep in mind that this is the first (and possibly the last) impression you have the chance of making on the admission officer. Take time to build your case so it can stand out from the competition. If you are absolutely positive about making your way into the university you are applying to, you need to make sure this passion is adequately reflected in your application form.

Don’t Procrastinate Unnecessarily

Rolling admissions give you an opportunity to secure your admission status in a university. However, don’t consider it as a chance to procrastinate with the application process. The rolling admissions remain open for as long as the vacancies are available. Once the available seats are all filled up, the admissions will cease. If you are really serious about securing your position in a university, grab the opportunity while it lasts.

Admittedly, in most cases, the admission process is likely to go well into the beginning of the semester. Don’t take this as an excuse to delay unnecessarily.

Avail Second Chances

In some cases, rolling admissions will be conducted either to help students make early decisions or to fill up vacancies once the regular admissions have closed. Research thoroughly about the university you are planning to apply to. If you are offered second chances, make the most of these. Even if you are unable to get in the first time around, you will eventually be able to secure your place in the second session once you get an idea about what is expected of you.

Research Thoroughly

All universities do not offer rolling admissions. If you are planning to make the most of it, you need to know where these are being offered. Keep a track on the application deadlines so you do not end up missing out on these! The rest should be fine!

Top 10 Universities in the United Kingdom

Looking for some of the best universities in the United Kingdom to pursue your academic career? You’ve come to the right spot.

There are about 162 universities operating in the United Kingdom offering specializations across a wide range of subjects. Each university has over 1,000 enrollments annually. Some of the universities are adequately equipped to house over 0.2 million students at a time. There are an impressive proportion of foreign students studying in the UK. According to an estimate, about one in ten students are international students.

At least four UK universities occupy positions on the global list of the best universities. The UK has some of the oldest and finest educational institutes that have been a source of attraction for all students. Moreover, several scholarship opportunities are available to the international students in order to make education affordable for them. In most cases, the government provides student loans to cover the cost of education which is then repaid after graduation and after getting a job that yields more than £21,000 per year!

This means you are likely to come across extremely diversified cultures while studying in the UK. The multicultural society does not only emerge as a result of foreign students from Asia, Africa and other similar countries but also due to the students coming in from other European countries. Cultural diversity exists even across different European countries.

Here is a list of the top rated universities in the United Kingdom. Additional information about the state, the average annual cost of graduate and post graduate programs and total student population is also given to assist you in making the right decision.

University Name Located In Cost of Programs Total Student Population Global Ranking1
Oxford University North-western part of London £6,000 to £21,220 per year depending on programs, household income and funding status More than 22,000 2
University of Cambridge Northern part of London £9,000 to £36,459 per year depending on the programs and funding status About 20,000 7
London School of Economics and Political Sciences Central London £9,000 to £23,064 per year depending on the programs and funding status More than 9,000 32
University of Saint Andrews East Coast of Scotland £1,820 to £18,380 per year depending on the programs and funding status Around 10,000 117
Durham University Two locations; City of Durham and Stock-on-Tees £9,000 to £25,000 per year depending on the programs and funding status Over 17,000 80
Imperial College London 8 campus locations with the 9th under construction.Northwick Park campus, Central Middlesex, Hammersmith, Imperial West, Saint Mary’s, South Kensington, Royal Brompton, Chelsea and Westminster, and Charing Cross £1,350 to £39,150 per year depending on the programs and funding status Over 14,000 10
The University of Warwick Adjacent to the City of Coventry £6,000 to £20,280 per year depending on the programs and the funding status About 23,000 141
University of Bath City of Bath £3,000 to £16,000 per year depending on the programs and the funding status Over 15,000 276-300
University College London Central London £9,000 to £19,500 per year depending on the programs and funding status About 30,000 21
University of Exeter Three campuses; Streatham campus (Exeter), Saint Luke’s campus (Exeter), and Penryn Campus (Cornwall). £9,000 to £15,000 per year depending on the programs and funding status Over 19,000 148


1 Global Rankings have been taken from http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/

Top Universities in Sharjah

The importance of education is being emphasized by all countries around the world. The idea is to promote education in order to build a literate society that can play its role in improving the economy. When it comes to education, the United Arab Emirates is no exception to these trends.

Sharjah is one of the emirates of the United Arab Emirates. With respect to education, it is blessed with at least two well-established universities and a couple of colleges. All these educational institutes are concentrated in one district of Sharjah which has won the title of being the “University City of Sharjah”. The educational industry of Sharjah is currently in the budding stage and is expected to yield phenomenal growth in the upcoming years.

The universities of Sharjah have launched their international student program as well as their exchange programs to encourage cross-cultural mixing. Here is some insight about the educational institutes of Sharjah:

University Name Programs Offered Cost of Programs Total Student Population
American University of Sharjah Undergraduate and Graduate About AED 79,920 per year for all major specializations. More than 5,000
University of Sharjah Undergraduate and Graduate AED 26,820 to AED 92,900 per year depending on the course. Over 10,000
Skyline University College Undergraduate and Graduate About AED 36,000 per year. Slight variations per course. Over 9,000
Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research Undergraduate and Graduate Up to AED 99,990 per year depending on the course About 2,000
Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies Undergraduate Diploma AED 21,600 to AED 114,000 depending on the course and citizenship status. About 3,000
Police Science Academy Sharjah Undergraduate in Police Sciences Course available for locals only
Sharjah Men’s College Undergraduate and Graduate Not disclosed Over 1,000
Sharjah Women’s College Undergraduate and Graduate Not disclosed Over 2,000