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Admission Process for Top Universities in London

Looking forward to pursuing your academic education from London, UK? Confused about the mountainous piles of options available to you? If you are hoping to get into one of the top universities in London, here is what you need to be careful about.

Admission Timeline

Most London universities will conduct their admission routines in September and October. Only a small slice of these would also be conducting these admission sessions in January and February. Make sure you research thoroughly about your university so you don’t end up missing out on its deadlines. There are over 40 accredited higher education institutions to choose from. Evaluate your odds carefully before making your selection.

Besides this, also keep in mind that most institutes will allow you to send in one application per year. So you have one opportunity to make it through. Make sure you take adequate time to prepare for the application process so that you can survive against all odds!

Basic Requirements

In order to apply to top universities in London, it is important for you to have complete control over the English Language. For this reason, most universities will require you to have passed the IELTS test or the TOEFL test or both. As far as IELTS is concerned, you need a score of at least 6.5 to apply for undergraduate courses and about 7.0 to apply for postgraduate courses. Likewise for TOEFL, you need a minimum score of 80 for undergraduate studies and 90 for post graduate ones. Alternatively, you will need to provide other evidence that substantiates your fluency in English.

Preparing Documents

It is a good idea to prepare all your documents well before time to make sure you don’t miss out on your admission opportunities. In addition to the IELTS, TOEFL and/or GMAT scores, you will need to have academic transcripts of your most recent academic achievement. Besides this, most London universities will ask for references from your previous educational institute. If you have any work experience that you would like to have considered during your admission phase, make sure you are able to provide reference letters from your employer as well. This helps build your credibility in the eyes of the admission officer.
Besides this, most top universities in London will also ask for a Statement of Purpose. This is the only document where you can truly flourish your skills. Plan this document carefully. Additionally, have it scrutinized and assessed by your teachers and mentors to further bridge any gaps or weaknesses. This is where the admission officer will get to know you besides your academic achievement. In most cases, this is what will define whether your application will be considered for further processing or rejected immediately!

Suit Yourself

London as a whole is an expensive city. This includes your academic expenses, cost of lodging, cost of travel, and so on and so forth. Make sure you’ve researched about your alternatives properly and that you have adequate resources to get you through the course you are planning to pursue. If you are hoping to support yourself through part-time employment, make sure you check in with the university policies beforehand in order to prevent mishaps!

Top 10 Universities in the United Kingdom

Looking for some of the best universities in the United Kingdom to pursue your academic career? You’ve come to the right spot.

There are about 162 universities operating in the United Kingdom offering specializations across a wide range of subjects. Each university has over 1,000 enrollments annually. Some of the universities are adequately equipped to house over 0.2 million students at a time. There are an impressive proportion of foreign students studying in the UK. According to an estimate, about one in ten students are international students.

At least four UK universities occupy positions on the global list of the best universities. The UK has some of the oldest and finest educational institutes that have been a source of attraction for all students. Moreover, several scholarship opportunities are available to the international students in order to make education affordable for them. In most cases, the government provides student loans to cover the cost of education which is then repaid after graduation and after getting a job that yields more than £21,000 per year!

This means you are likely to come across extremely diversified cultures while studying in the UK. The multicultural society does not only emerge as a result of foreign students from Asia, Africa and other similar countries but also due to the students coming in from other European countries. Cultural diversity exists even across different European countries.

Here is a list of the top rated universities in the United Kingdom. Additional information about the state, the average annual cost of graduate and post graduate programs and total student population is also given to assist you in making the right decision.

University Name Located In Cost of Programs Total Student Population Global Ranking1
Oxford University North-western part of London £6,000 to £21,220 per year depending on programs, household income and funding status More than 22,000 2
University of Cambridge Northern part of London £9,000 to £36,459 per year depending on the programs and funding status About 20,000 7
London School of Economics and Political Sciences Central London £9,000 to £23,064 per year depending on the programs and funding status More than 9,000 32
University of Saint Andrews East Coast of Scotland £1,820 to £18,380 per year depending on the programs and funding status Around 10,000 117
Durham University Two locations; City of Durham and Stock-on-Tees £9,000 to £25,000 per year depending on the programs and funding status Over 17,000 80
Imperial College London 8 campus locations with the 9th under construction.Northwick Park campus, Central Middlesex, Hammersmith, Imperial West, Saint Mary’s, South Kensington, Royal Brompton, Chelsea and Westminster, and Charing Cross £1,350 to £39,150 per year depending on the programs and funding status Over 14,000 10
The University of Warwick Adjacent to the City of Coventry £6,000 to £20,280 per year depending on the programs and the funding status About 23,000 141
University of Bath City of Bath £3,000 to £16,000 per year depending on the programs and the funding status Over 15,000 276-300
University College London Central London £9,000 to £19,500 per year depending on the programs and funding status About 30,000 21
University of Exeter Three campuses; Streatham campus (Exeter), Saint Luke’s campus (Exeter), and Penryn Campus (Cornwall). £9,000 to £15,000 per year depending on the programs and funding status Over 19,000 148


1 Global Rankings have been taken from http://www.timeshighereducation.co.uk/