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Worried about your Daughter going to college

College for anyone is an intimidating experience. For many young women, the idea of going off to school alone can be very invigorating but also terrifying. Parents of girls going to college will naturally be worried about their child’s health and safety while they are attending school. This is natural for parents of all children, but there are certain concerns that tend to placate the minds of young women and their parents. There are certain particulars that must be taken care of and discussed before attending college.

The primary concern of many parents is safety. It can be helpful to research the school’s safety measures. Many schools have police call boxes located throughout the campus where students can press a button and be immediately connected to an emergency dispatcher. This is especially helpful in high-crime areas where women are often targets of crimes.

Also an important consideration to make is the consideration of whether or not to buy pepper spray. Pepper spray, when properly used, can help deter a potential criminal. But it is something that has to be researched and considered carefully due to the fact that many states and cities have laws or ordinances that prohibit the possession of pepper spray, mace, or similar products.

Another thing that girls and their parents worry about is health. Women’s health in particular is a very complex and tricky topic. Women have significantly different health needs than men do. A brilliant suggestion would be to make sure that your daughter sees her physician before she goes to school. The physician can then check to see if any additional vaccines are needed, as well as fill out any forms that may be required by the school. Many schools may recommend certain vaccines before entering school.

A commonly recommended vaccine for girls is the vaccine for Human Papilloma Virus, commonly referred to as HPV. The HPV vaccine works to prevent certain types of cervical cancer, oral cancer, and genital warts. While talking to your doctor about the HPV vaccine it is also important to talk to your doctor about your daughter’s other health issues.

Schedule a visit to an OBGYN if your daughter has not already started having yearly exams. Even if your first visit is does not even include a full exam it is important to see the OBGYN so that you and your daughter can be completely informed about reproductive health issues and birth control measures prior to going to college. These are important issues that must be discussed.

Most parents want to make sure that there child is comfortable and having fun. College can be full of homesickness. To ease your daughter’s transition to college you can send care packages. Fun care packages might include a girl’s favorite foods, books, or movies. They also may be more humorous. Feel free to get creative and leave lots of fun notes and cards. Make sure to pack more than one of everything in the care package since your daughter’s friends and roommates may want to partake in the fun as well. Most parents typically send care packages right around birthdays. But sending them around final exam week may help your student reduce stress and feel less homesick.

Lastly, have fun and do not be afraid. This marks a huge change in your daughter’s life and you should be proud of her for making it this far. College is no easy time. It is a time where many girls can get lost while they are figuring out who they are. Just remember that this is just as scary for her as it is for you!