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Top Study Abroad Programs

Top Study Abroad Programs
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Studying abroad has become a norm for students hoping to travel the world, broaden their career goals, understand different cultures, develop their interpersonal skills, and gain newer skill sets for a successful career path ahead.

Globalize yourself by studying in a foreign setting. Expand your horizons and explore different cultures, world-views, and communities by immersing yourself in a study abroad program.

What Can Study Abroad Programs Offer?
The answer differs from program to program. Some study abroad programs are designed to directly immerse yourself in their foreign culture and language with various co-curricular activities; some employ hands on experience with activities that ease you into a culture shock; while others involve rigorous study of foreign history and visits to different communities and cultural monuments.

What Can You Gain From a Study Abroad Program?
By selecting the right program, one that fits your personality and which you believe will help you achieve your career goals, you can:

  • Broaden the scope of your career, its path, and goals.
  • Develop extensive interpersonal skills by interacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds and belief systems
  • Forces you from your comfort zone. Studying abroad forces you to accept real life challenges of re-situating in a different country and environment, and as a result, significantly boosts your self-confidence.
  • Creates a sense of individuality —interacting with people from a different culture forces you see your culture and yourself in a different light.

Top Study Abroad Programs of the World
NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, the programs use English as their language of instruction

Program Name Located in Majors Offered Available Semesters(Fall, Summer, Spring, and Academic Year)
American College Dublin(Direct Enrollment & Exchange) Dublin , Ireland
  • History
  • Business management
  • Liberal Arts/Humanities
  • Acting
  • Dance
  • Hospitality management
  • English Literature
  • International Business
  • Finance/Accounting


Instruction language: French and English

Aix-en-Provence, France
  • Liberal Arts/Humanities
  • Communication Studies
  • Fine Arts
  • Social Science
  • Education
  • Business
  • Foreign Language
Fairfield University Florence, Itally
  • Liberal Arts/Humanities
Fall, Spring, and Academic.
Sol Education Abroad:  Latin University of Costa Rica


Instruction language: Spanish only

Heredia, Costa Rica
  • International Studies, Spanish
  • Communication Studies
  • Spanish
  • Liberal Arts/Humanities
  • Fine Arts
  • Psychology
  • Bilingual Education
  • Latin American Studies
  • Latin American Studies and Spanish
  • Business
ALL Plus,

  • Custom length semesters
  • January Terms
  • May-mester
  • Spring Break semesters


AMIDEAST Rabat, Morocco
  • International Development And Social Change
  • Political Science
  • International Affairs
  • International Politics
  • Anthropology/Sociology
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • African Studies
  • Foreign Language
Fall, Spring, and Academic
European Study Center, Heidelberg: EU Studies, European Business, and IR Heidelberg, Germany
  • International Relations
  • European Studies
  • International Business
AIRC Rome:Interdisciplinary Semesters


Instruction Language: Italian and English


Rome, Italy
  • Communication Studies
  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Multimedia Journalism
  • Journalism
  • Liberal Arts/Humanities
  • Architecture
  • Film Studies
Fall, Summer, and  Spring
Semester at Sea: University of Virginia International Seas
  • Humanities and Global Affairs
Fall and Spring
Academic Programs International: University Autonoma of Barcelona Barcelona, Spain
  • Spanish
  • International Business & Marketing
  • International Business/Spanish
  • Economics and International Relations

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